Data engineer

Data Science
Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022

You know how to make data flow through a pipeline? You are who we need!

We are looking to hire data engineers, with any level of experience professional or otherwise, regardless of previous experience with working with the blockchain.

Please note, we are looking for a Data Engineer, not a Data Scientist or Data Analyst. We want you to be able to move, store and process data at scale, not to analyse it for business insights.

  • A chance for you to learn and grow. Many of are developers are new to crypto, and it is our mission to enable them to become Web3 natives.
  • Autonomy and authority. We will not micromanage you; we want you to take responsibility and ownership over your work.
  • Building cool shit. Build things never seen before, in ways never done before.
  • Professional work environment and best practices. We operate in an efficient and agile environment. Just enough process, zero nonsense.
  • Competitive compensation. We expect you to add value, and we will compensate you fairly for it. It's that simple.
  • Databases: Deep understanding of either SQL and NoSQL databases, and a good understanding of the other
  • API interaction: Good understanding of interacting with various APIs using different protocols, such as REST, GraphQL, and RPC
  • Building data pipelines: Experience with building reliable data pipelines and ensuring data quality and consistency
  • Data system engineering: Understanding what makes a real time streaming solution, as well as what makes a batched or ETL systems work.
  • Git: Experience with working in a collaborative environment, including branching and pull-requests
  • Cloud: Experience with at least one major cloud provider (GCP, AWS, Azure) is desirable
  • Web3: some understanding of basic web3 concepts, such as transactions, signing, indexing, etc is a plus, but not a requirement

See the how to apply page to submit your application