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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Full Stack Engineer

Full Time

🌱CEDE Labs

Thought by common DeFi users, CEDE products are:
cede.link: a web-based portfolio management platform, whether it is in the centralized (CEX) or in the decentralized world (DeFi) of the crypto ecosystem.
cede.store: a non-custodial browser extension to manage your cryptos in centralized exchanges.
Our offices are located at Station F in Paris. Remote is always available. The current team is composed of 10 passionate, serious and chill panda lovers including 8 developers.
We are very well surrounded by a very experienced tech, DeFi and legal advisors.
We're also backed by impressive VCs and angel investors from GSR, Stake Capital, Sismo, Angle, AAVE, Ledger and others.

👷‍♀️ Job

📍 Location:

Paris (Station F) or Remote (only Europe) 🌍

🕧 Estimated duration:

40h/week - Long-term

🛠 Mission & Responsibilities ←


You will help us to:
Implement a new UI and UX for our apps and share best practices with the dev team,
Develop backend services on the AWS stack and work with financial (CeFi & DeFi) real-time data.

Tech stack

React 18, Zustand, MUI, Jest, Storybook
GraphQL, web3 libs, socket.io
Typescript, Rollup, Webpack, TSDX, selenium
AWS components, Github Actions


We are looking for a passionate fullstack developer to help us to:
help us with the implementation of the design system (components, tests, storybook) for our applications
work with the cede.store browser extension: implementation of a new frontend and services in the background script
work with the cede.link dashboard:
implementation of the new design for cede.link
connecting Defi services such as 1Inch (using their APIs and calling smart contracts on EVM and Non-EVM chains), Zerion or Debank APIs
connecting wallets
working with our real-time API services on GraphQL
developing SDKs to integrate our browser extension into other dApps, as well as with Blocknative (our partners)
Build the performant CeFi & DeFi infrastructure on AWS to provide prices and other financial data in real-time to the clients
connecting analytics to our products

Requirements ←

Ideally 3+ years of experience building production applications, libraries, APIs
At least 1-3+ years of React experience
A deep understanding of the architecture of modern client-side React v18 applications
Gained work experience with React stack, state management libraries (Redux, Zustand, etc), UI components libraries (MUI, Chakra, Ant or any other)
Knowledge of JS/TS ecosystem tools—Design systems (Storybook), bundlers, compilers, linters, runtimes, testing tools, docs generators.
Experience deploying and managing applications on cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean)
Experience working with serverless frameworks and container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
Fluency in TS, Rust, Go
Have the ability to take initiative, be proactive and solve problems on your own
A desire to keep up with modern best practices in web development
Positive, can-do attitude, ready to ship

☺️ Nice to have

Have integrated apps with web3 technologies
Developing DeFi Applications / FinTech
Experience working with AWS components and deployment tools (Terraform/Cloudformation)
Experience working in Web3 or eagerness to learn it
Have developed a browser extension

📝 Recruitment process ←

A first interview to get to know each other, see your previous projects, and check whether you fit with the company’s values or not.
A first technical interview to challenge you with some exercises.
A second (optional) technical interview to clarify some points
A final interview to debrief, give you an answer and explain our working methodology.

😎 What we offer

Grab the opportunity to work with us and to discover the atmosphere of a promising, dynamic startup that grows and delivers quickly.
A very stimulating intellectual framework: A young, motivated, serious, perfectionist, eager to learn and to do well team
The opportunity to work with our very experienced advisors and investors in Tech/Research (Cybersecurity, Hardware, Computer Science, Math,...)
A competitive salary in FIAT or stablecoin
Equity bonus depending on the profile and the performance
Remote first company
Attendance in web3 events/meetups (ETH Lisbon is coming👀)
International environment
Flexible working hours
Bleeding edge tech stack
The opportunity to be part of one of the next leading wallets to access the entire crypto ecosystem

🦄 Apply

Given a huge amount of data to transform, how would you do that in Node.js? (applications without an answer are not considered)
Send us the answer to this question and everything you find relevant by applying here or to jobs@cedelabs.io:

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