Full Stack Developer Internship



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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Full Stack Developer Internship


🌱CEDE Labs

Thought by common DeFi users, CEDE products are:
cede.link: a non-custodial web-based portfolio management platform for CeFi and DeFi
cede.store: a non-custodial browser extension to manage your cryptos in centralized exchanges.
Our offices are located at Station F in Paris. Remote is always available. The current team is composed of 10 passionate, serious and chill panda lovers including 8 developers.
We are very well surrounded by a very experienced tech, Defi and legal advisors.
We're also backed by impressive VCs and angel investors from GSR, Stake Capital, Sismo, Angle, AAVE, Ledger and others.

👷‍♀️ Job

📍 Location:

Paris (Station F) or Remote (only Europe) 🌍

🛠 Mission & Responsibilities ←


You will help us to:
Implement a new UI and UX for our apps and learn best practices from the dev team,
Develop backend services on the AWS stack and work with financial (CeFi & DeFi) real-time data.

Tech stack:

React 18, Zustand, MUI, Jest, Storybook
GraphQL, web3 libs, socket.io
Typescript, Rollup, Webpack, TSDX, selenium
AWS components, Github Actions


What you will build:
help us with the implementation of the design system (components, tests, storybook) for our applications
cede.store browser extension: implementation of a new frontend and services in the background script
cede.link dashboard:
implementation of the new design for cede.link
connecting Defi services such as 1Inch (using their APIs and calling smart contracts on EVM and Non-EVM chains), Zerion or Debank APIs
connecting wallets
working with our real-time API services on GraphQL
the SDKs to integrate our browser extension into other dApps, as well as with Blocknative (our partners)
the performant CeFi & DeFi infrastructure on AWS to provide prices and other financial data in real-time to the clients
analytics connection to our products

Requirements ←

Have the ability to take initiative, be proactive and solve problems on your own
A desire to keep up with modern best practices in web development
React experience
Ideally 1+ years of experience building production applications, libraries, APIs
Speaking French and English fluently

☺️ Nice to have

Developing DeFi Applications / FinTech
Gained work experience with React stack and any state management libraries (Redux, Zustand, etc)
Knowledge of JS/TS ecosystem tools—Design systems (Storybook), bundlers, compilers, linters, runtimes, testing tools, docs generators.
Experience working in Web3 or eagerness to learn it
Have developed a browser extension
Create efficient, reliable, and readable APIs
Implement automation tools and frameworks (CI/CD pipelines)
Passion for beautiful, modular user interface built with clean, maintainable code
Positive, can-do attitude, ready to ship

📝 Recruitment process ←

A first interview to get to know each other, see your previous projects, and check whether you fit with the company’s values or not.
A small technical interview to challenge you with some exercises.
A final interview to debrief, give you an answer and explain our working methodology.

😎 What we offer

Grab the opportunity to work with us and discover the atmosphere of a structured, promising, dynamic startup that grows and delivers quickly.
A very stimulating intellectual framework: A young, motivated, serious, perfectionist, eager to learn and to do well team at Station F
Attending web3 events/meetups in France and potentially Europe (last event done: ETH Lisbon)
International environment
Flexible working hours
Gain a strong experience in an ambitious and fast-paced web3 start-up, being part of one of the next leading wallets to access the entire crypto ecosystem
Develop your network in the web3 ecosystem thanks to our CEDE Labs reach
Develop a global multi-sector vision like a true entrepreneur
Have a strategic role and ownership of several topics central to the future of CEDE Labs
An incredible variety of strategic topics for the development of an early stage start-up, and have the choice of missions according to your preferences and the company's priorities

🦄 Apply

If you think you meet the requirements and would enjoy working with us then...
Apply here:

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