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Orderly Network

Orderly Network

Marketing & Communications
Posted on Monday, March 6, 2023

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Orderly Network is a permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on top of NEAR. It uses an on-chain orderbook to provide a platform complete with a risk engine, matching engine, and shared asset pools for Dapps to build on top of. Dapps built on the Orderly Network will allow for financial instruments such as; Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Perpetual Swaps and Lending & Borrowing.

Whilst a fully independent team operates at Orderly Network, we were incubated by NEAR and WOO Network - Industry heavyweights in their respective fields. Thanks to both the guidance and expertise Orderly Network will offer market-leading execution with low latency and minimal fees with a combination of orderbook efficiency alongside on-chain settlement. We will become the go-to network for ecosystem partners to come and build upon.

A Glimpse into Your Future at Orderly Network

  • What we're looking for

We are looking for multiple very hardworking, dynamic, and multifaceted crypto/blockchain content writers to join our growing ecosystem. You have an almost-perfectionist attention to detail, strong communication skills, and a dedication to infusing marketing with a more relatable, thought-provoking, and crypto-native spirit.

  • What will you be working on?
    • Develop content for multiple platforms, including social media posts (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Medium, guides, video scripts, ecosystem stories, and landing pages.
    • Contribute to, follow, and execute a content calendar, collaborating with other members of the store team to ensure the timely delivery of assets.
    • Produce well-researched, thoughtful, valuable content that inspires, educates, guides, and invokes action.
    • Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost the discoverability of what you create.
  • What tech stacks/skills will you be using?
    • 1+ years of crypto/blockchain content writing experience; Crypto native is a strong plus
    • Impeccable writing ability that exudes a strong point of view and requires minimal editing
    • Strong editing chops, as well ability to self edit
    • Research and analysis skills
    • A "more than words" perspective when it comes to content creation, understanding the impact of visuals on storytelling
    • Adaptability. You can shift gears seamlessly between audiences, formats, and marketing efforts.
    • Ability to work on multiple projects with different objectives simultaneously and independently with little or no daily supervision

Interested in Learning More?

  • Our hiring process begins by meeting with our People Team, who help facilitate the process of placing you in your new role. You can expect to share your experience and ideas in online video interviews with our hiring team, made up of management and potential new colleagues.
  • If you have experience in developing trading systems or financial-related products is a plus.
  • You can prepare for this interview by mentally organizing your strategies and opinions on topics such as Web3, cryptocurrency trading platforms, and your vision of how to succeed.
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