Senior/Associate, Developer Relations

Orderly Network

Orderly Network

Software Engineering
Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2024

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Orderly Network is the permissionless backend of Web3's capital market, acting as a decentralized exchange Lego set. It empowers both developers and traders by offering the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Developers can leverage Orderly Network's SDK to effortlessly build DEXs, launch crypto derivatives, and integrate with other DeFi protocols – all with just a few clicks.

Traders benefit from sound liquidity, shared and unified across blockchains. Orderly Network offers the speed and efficiency of centralized exchanges (gasless and ultra-fast transactions, omnichain deposits/withdrawals) with the transparency and security of decentralized exchanges (on-chain asset custody, permissionless listings). This translates to anytime trading of any asset on any blockchain, with a completely abstracted backend ("chain abstraction").

A Glimpse into Your Future at Orderly Network

  • What we're looking for

We are seeking a passionate and dynamic Developer Relations Specialist at Orderly Network. As a Developer Relations Specialist, you will build and maintain relationships with developers, fostering a thriving developer community around our products and services. You will act as a liaison between Orderly and external developers, advocating for their needs while representing Orderly's interests.

  • What will you be working on?
    • Developer Advocacy: Champion our products and services within the developer community through presentations, workshops, webinars, and other events. Provide technical guidance and support to developers using our APIs, SDKs, and other tools.

    • Community Building: Build and nurture a vibrant developer community around our products. Engage with developers through online forums, social media, and developer meetups. Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among community members.

    • Feedback Gathering: Gather feedback from developers regarding their experiences with our products and services. Act as the voice of the developer community within our organization, advocating for improvements and new features based on developer needs and pain points.

    • Content Creation: Create technical content such as blog posts, tutorials, and sample code to help developers understand and utilize our products effectively. Collaborate with marketing and product teams to ensure that developer-facing content aligns with our overall messaging and product roadmap.

    • Technical Support: Provide technical support to developers facing challenges or issues with our products. Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, escalate complex problems to appropriate teams, and ensure timely resolution.

    • Event Participation: Represent our company at developer conferences, hackathons, and other industry events. Build relationships with developers, gather feedback, and promote our products and services.

  • What skills will you need?
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
    • Proven experience in developer relations, developer advocacy, or a related technical role.
    • Strong understanding of software development concepts and technologies, including APIs, SDKs, and programming languages.
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively convey technical information to diverse audiences.
    • Passion for building and nurturing developer communities, with a track record of community engagement and advocacy.
    • Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
    • Experience with open-source software development and contributions is a plus.
    • Willingness to travel occasionally for conferences and events.

Interested in Learning More?

  • Our hiring process begins by meeting with our People Team, who help facilitate the process of placing you in your new role. You can expect to share your experience and ideas in online video interviews with our hiring team, made up of management and potential new colleagues.
  • You can prepare for this interview by mentally organizing your strategies and opinions on topics such as Web3, cryptocurrency trading platforms, and your vision of how to succeed.
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