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Wrestling Metaverse

Wrestling Metaverse

Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Game Producer

May 31, 2022 6:04 PM
How to apply
Smashverse is looking for an experienced Game Producer to join our team. We’re a fast growing company that is looking to invent a new genre of games and make our mark within the industry. We thrive on creativity and autonomy and are focused on building games that can stand the test of time. Roles are typically full-time salaried position and offer generous incentive packages so the entire team benefits greatly as the company grows.

What will you do?

Contribute to and implement the vision of the game
Establish and maintain good working practice between the team.
Ensure ownership of goals and building long-term and short-term plans for the
process of game development.
Collaborate with other Leads to contribute innovative ideas, adhere to deadlines, and
solve problems.
Ensure releases are of the highest possible quality
Ensure transparent progress and risk reports
Iterate on processes to find the best way to deliver game updates
Work with recruiting team to find top talent

What is required?

Extensive (5+ years) prior experience in game production across a range of PC-titles or console titles
Experience working on the entire process from concept prototyping to launch and live ops
Excellent understanding of multiplayer combat games
Desire to contribute to the growth of the overall studio while managing large, multi-
disciplinary teams
Willingness to take initiative and responsibility to ensure the quality of the game is
not compromised
Experience in handling multiple tasks, risk analysis and management within the team.
Willing to proactively contribute to new ideas, able to give and receive feedback,
foresee challenges before they occur (within reason!) and enjoys building an exciting and inclusive working environment

Additional skills/experience?

Experience working on PvP and PvE combat games
Basic understanding of in-game economies
Experience working across different time zones